The highest functional quality for every room.

The fitted wall offers design, elegance and functionality for the room’s vertical surfaces. Shelves with concealed joints and high-quality hung furniture with a huge range of finishes and combinations.

Living room

Salón con sistema pared equipada

Every detail helps to create a unique atmosphere.

The wall, fitted with an Alondra lacquer finish, combines suspended furniture with smoked eucalyptus wood and elegant 3 mm thick aluminium shelves. In the upper part of the wall, we add a rail to provide pleasant indirect lighting.

The Equipped Wall System shows its wide versatility in different areas and provides different functions according to each space. The layout of the panels and their modular design give you complete freedom of design and allow you to adapt to any size.


Escritorio suspendido
Contraste de materiales

A stylish desk area.

The structural profiles of the Fitted Wall offer endless aesthetic possibilities and maximum functional quality.

The wall unit and the contrast between Nude lacquer materials and smoked eucalyptus wood create a stylish desk area.

Dining room

Mueble suspendido para comedor

Generous working wall space.

The dining room is a place that requires a lot of space to store everything needed for the table. The Fitted Wall can integrate a wall unit and a large display cabinet with lacquered aluminium to give the whole unit a sophisticated look.

The Fitted Wall System is remarkable for its ability to adapt to any architectural condition and the variety of equipment that can be integrated.
The structural profiles allow for endless aesthetic possibilities and maximum functional quality.


Estantes con anclaje oculto
Diseño y materiales de callidad

Vertical organisation.

The new collection has a full range of aluminium parts, some hidden internally and others visible, such as the sleek 3 mm thick aluminium shelves where everything is within easy reach.

The Fitted Wall is an active feature, with an unlimited number of variants and a natural ability to adapt to any architectural setting.
A system that is linked through design and materials to other rooms in the house, thus achieving multifunctional spaces and exceptional formal continuity.