Singular pieces with a calm, elegant presence

A wide range of furniture for the living room, dining room and bedroom, with top quality materials, both are functional and versatile. Choose from different styles and materials. Let us take care of adapting it to your needs and the fitting, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Living room 45 series

Equipamiento para el Hogar serie 45

The Fitted Wall and 45 series, an unbeatable duo.

With the Equipped Wall system, the living room wall is transformed into a decorative feature on which to hang the 45 series furniture, thick wooden or porcelain shelves and subtle 3 mm metal shelves.

The living room furniture acquires another dimension, creating a functional wall with a very powerful aesthetic component.

D12 series living room

Salón con iluminación indirecta

Design and material expression, an integral concept.

The design and materials are the essence of a product. They determine the durability, practicality and sensations that the product will give us in its daily use. The interaction between them defines the atmosphere and ambience of the home, which is enhanced by details such as indirect lighting.


Aparador Evan

Evan, a dynamic and functional sideboard for any room.

Its pure, light lines make Evan a sideboard designed to adapt to different environments. Its wide range of finishes allows it to be integrated into different styles. A sideboard as versatile as it is practical.

Aparador Edmon

Edmon, a sophisticated, pragmatic character.

The Edmon sideboard communicates sophistication and distinction wherever it’s placed. The interplay of its grain and the elegant aluminium bench supporting it, links up with the D12 series, where the wood folds to create a sinuous opening shape.

This versatile sideboard is designed to store different types of objects, such as table linen, crockery, books… It adapts to the needs of the room.

Dining room

Comedor de diseño

Design with total freedom.

Our range of products achieves formal continuity thanks to unique aluminium elements in legs, display cabinets and handles. Our designs place special emphasis on ergonomics, durability and comfort, essential concepts for intensive daily use in the home.

The structural profiles allow for endless aesthetic possibilities and maximum functional quality.


Estantería Less

The new Less shelf

Graphite-coloured aluminium is a fine combination with Bronze glass, and the design of every detail, such as the subtle profiles and the joints between shelves, give the unit an exceptionally light appearance.

A design with exquisite technical details and exclusive solutions that transform the kitchen into a new space in the home.

Bar unit

Mueble bar

Exclusive pieces, sophisticated atmospheres.

Aluminium, wood, glass and mirror. For the bar and dining table, we combine materials that are subtly blended to create a sophisticated ambience.


Dormitorio de diseño

The bedroom, a well-looked-after place to rest.

The Jolie and Daren collections bring together bedside tables and chests of drawers designed to create storage space while providing a light, pleasant design. Their carefully chosen tones will create a restful atmosphere.

A custom-designed wardrobe, where every object has its place. The light turns on automatically, pleasantly illuminating the interior, highlighting the garments hanging on the light aluminium rod and the accessories in the jewellery drawer.