Feeling good begins in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for a kitchen with quality, design and functionality, the kitchens by the Dica brand are an excellent choice. Made-to-measure kitchen furniture, personalised with a variety of materials and adapted to your needs. We will advise you throughout the entire remodelling process, from design to fitting.

D12 Series

Cocina serie D12

A harmonious connection between the different rooms of the house.

Designed with a particular emphasis on simplicity, the quality and beauty of the materials and the precision of new systems with unique technical solutions.

The design and materials give a pleasant connection between the different spaces.

45 Series

Cocina módelo serie 45

The versatile, functional kitchen.

With its straight-lined, minimalist design, the 45 Series offers maximum comfort. The doors and drawers open from the 45º angle, the contact surface is large and the opening is very comfortable.

The flexibility of the entire collection allows the elements to be combined.

90 Series

Cocina serie 90

Connections and transitions between rooms.

When the kitchen is next to the living room or dining room, the shelving and decorative units serve as a connection between rooms. When the doors are closed, everything is hidden and clean; when you get ready to cook, you just open the doors and find everything you need.

The 90 Series opening systems are very convenient for everyday use. A simple touch and the drawers open, with a light push they close smoothly. Convenient opening without sacrificing clean aesthetics.


Serie Soho

The design and materials are the essence of a product.

With the possibility of the made-to-measure height, maximum storage capacity is achieved. A made-to-measure space allowing a complete laundry area to be integrated into the wall-mounted columns.

Natural wood can be present in the SoHo door and in complements such as the bar or decorative elements.


Cocina serie Arkadia

Design with character and comfort.

The Arkadia series is equipped with all the comfort of Dica interiors. All the accessories and equipment of the contemporary kitchen are integrated into Arkadia, giving the series all the functionality of a modern kitchen with a design reminiscent of a kitchen from another era.

White, earth and grey colours combine with the warm texture of fir wood and porcelain worktops.