Maximum versatility with timeless beauty.

A wide range of bathroom furniture, washbasins, countertops, fronts, mirrors and bathroom equipment. We will advise you throughout the whole comprehensive bathroom refurbishment process, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Baño serie D12

Space with a natural character.

The wide range of units in the D12 series allows you to link spaces and create continuous atmospheres.

Geometric pieces with contrasting straight and curved shapes for a sober, elegant bathroom. With integrated furniture and aluminium sections in the same Metallic Grey finish.

The symmetrically arranged units are designed for individual comfort in a shared space. Practical and functional, with closed drawers and a large open surface in the same porcelain material as the worktop.


Baño serie Zero

A bathroom with all the essentials.

The absence of handles and the sloping edge on drawers and doors is a feature that helps to create a sense of cleanliness and simplicity of use.

In the higher units, another inner drawer can be fitted to maintain the same aesthetics on the outside but with more capacity on the inside. In addition, a module with an internal drawer and one without can be combined. In this way, one side can be used for small objects and the other side for tall objects, keeping the front of the unit uniform.


Baño Kube

A compact piece of furniture, extra storage.

The 45º angled structure and drawers give the furniture a very sturdy feel. Once closed, the drawers fit together perfectly to create fine connecting lines. The lack of handles gives a sense of cleanliness to the design of the furniture.

Decorative furniture, washbasins, worktops, mirrors, drawer dividers… The equipment and accessories make your bathroom a flexible, functional space. We pay attention to every detail with pleasant materials and practical solutions for everyday use.


Baño Soho

Elegant and contemporary.

The design of the SoHo series is characterised by the way the door is framed, which enhances the shapes and volumes. The neutral colours combined with the dark porcelain of the worktops and fronts set the tone for the bathroom and creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

The technical characteristics of porcelain tile also make it highly suitable for the bathroom, as it is a non-porous material that prevents bacteria, is stain resistant and easy to clean.