The most advanced technology for a personalised space.

Innovative, superior quality cabinets, functional and exclusively designed to adapt to any room and style. The Dica cabinets are made-to-measure, with a variety of materials and styles, offering practical and elegant solutions for storage.


Armarios exclusivos

Functional spaces dedicated to organisation.

New door models with exclusive handles, where careful aesthetics and the quality of their finishes are designed to create unique, distinctive spaces.

To measure

Armario diseñado a medida

Custom-designed and made-to-measure cabinets.

The entire cabinet collection is designed and manufactured to measure, allowing you to mould the space according to your needs. The wide variety of interior layouts and the carefully designed accessories help to create order and daily use.

Side units

Mueble auxiliar

Side units for creating elegant islands.

Side units are independent, versatile pieces which can be combined to complement spaces and become the centrepiece. The versatility of their design means they can be combined with each other to achieve maximum functionality.

Dressing room

Detalle vestidor V3

Dressing room V3. External organisation.

Personalised organisation thanks to a full range of made-to-measure equipment: glass shelves, trouser racks, 45º drawer units, shoe racks, warm lighting.

Display cabinets

Estantes de cristal

Display cabinets, lights and transparent elements.

The glass doors are designed to bring light and refinement to the cabinets. They offer a glimpse of the interior and add a touch of sophistication thanks to the reflection of their glass panes.

Fitted Wall

Acabados premium

Wardrobe and Fitted Wall. Functionality and versatility.

The new Cabinet collection matches perfectly with the fitted wall allowing new spaces and more aesthetic and functional concepts to be created.